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Microblading Method...


Permanent makeup by microblading method is currently the most desired by the customer's makeup. More precisly, it is insertion of pigment into the epidertmis layer. Microblading allows for detailed and precise reconstruction of the eyebrows to make them look natural, but the effect is even more compelling. Eyebrows are natural and the same time dense with a beautiful and discrable shape. Microblading is a way of precisely drawing individual hairs within the arch of the eyebrow in such a way that the drawing reflects the most natural hair system. The techinque is most likely when the client has own eyebrows, the techinque can be applied on old permanent make-up.

I work a reputable Germany company FEELGOOD. For better client comfort I use two types of anesthesia cream/mask typ emla and Tag 45.

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"Everyone holds beauty inside. The trick is knowing how to discover it" -

                   Eric Emmanuel Schmitt